Silence Me

from by Shutterwax



Silence Me

From a line of fragile people
who show their weakness every day.
Some may fear a church’s steeple
I can never fear that way.

Silence me, silence me
Over me. Under me.
Cover me. Bury me.
Silence me, silence me.
Why would you listen to me?
Over me. Under me.
Stop me before I can change your mind.

The slightest fear shuts down my mind, dear.
What does your agenda hold?
A supporting role, that’s not my part, dear.
But you knew that truth be told.

And every day, I look for crisis.
I know you find that hard to bear.
An idle prayer never suffices.
I need to know, do you care?


from Dig Me a Well, released July 17, 2014




Shutterwax Kittery, Maine

A menu of UK Punk and US Alternative served with an infusion of 70s Rock, reduction of 80s New Wave and a drizzle of Andrews Sisters compote, garnished with melodica, bagpipes and etherial piano, with Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Fiona Apple and REM seasoning. ... more

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